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Welcome – Nau mai haere mai

To Access Hedgehope School’s Policy and Procedures:

1.       Go to

2.       Click Search for your school.

3.       Start typing the school’s name and then select it from the dropdown list.

4.       Enter the community username: hedgehope and password: reach3964

Hedgehope School hours are as follows:

         First bus arrives 8:10am  Second Bus departs 3:30pm

8.55am                 Learning begins – Literacy/ Numeracy through integrated curriculum
10.05 – 10:30am  Interval
10:30 – 12:30        Learning Literacy/ Numeracy through integrated curriculum
12:30 – 1:20pm    Lunchtime
1:20 – 3:00pm      Inquiry Learning
3:00pm                 School finishes

2023 Term dates: 

Term 1 2nd February – Thursday 6th April 
Term 2 26th April – 30th June
Term 3 17th July – 22nd September
Term 4 9th October – 15th December


The Ministry of Education Regulations requires all absences to be satisfactorily explained.  If your child is going to be away from school, please phone before 8.55am.  If a student is away for more than 3 days, a medical certificate or written letter is required. We use the Skool Loop app where ever possible.Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.42.46 PM

The school has wireless computers and iPads in Fantails, Tokoeka and in Kereru.  These are incorporated into a range of learning activities throughout the day to develop digital literacy, collaboration and digital footprint learning. Internet Safety is important and each student must have a signed agreement for computer and Internet use.

Teaching staff care for all students that need medical attention during the school day. In the case of serious accidents, staff will contact the parents or a specified emergency contact person. An ambulance may be called whilst parents are being contacted if the situation demands so. All accidents and First Aid incidents are recorded and signed. 

From time to time children require prescribed medicine to enable them to participate at school.
Procedures: All requests for the administration of medicine will be accompanied by a Medication Agreement Form that gives permission to administer the medication. Medicine will be kept in the school office and administered as directed by the medical practitioner’s directions. On trips, medication will be the responsibility of the teacher in charge.

The school has an answer phone. The messages are cleared at 8:50am, 12.40pm and 3pm.

A full school assembly is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon in Week 4 and 9 at 2.20pm. Parents and other family members are warmly invited and encouraged to join us for our assemblies.  This is also a wonderful opportunity for individuals, groups or a class to share their work.

The Southland District Council’s Book Bus comes to Hedgehope School once a month on a Friday between 9am and 10am. 

Please inform the school promptly of any changes in your address, phone number or emergency contacts.

Parents staff and community members must be aware of the procedures for handling a complaint, big or small, before it gets out of control and becomes a dispute.

Guidelines for dealing with a complaint:
a) Talk to the teacher concerned. Tell them what your concern is. Discuss the concern or ask them to get back to you with a response. The teacher will respond within two days.

b) Write a note outlining your concern and send it to the teacher.

The teacher will respond, in writing, within three days.

If you are dissatisfied with the response, talk or write to the Principal explaining the original complaint, the teachers response and why you are dissatisfied. The Principal will listen and discuss your concern with you, discuss it with the teacher and provide you with a written response within one week. If you are still dissatisfied, please write a letter to the Board of Trustees Chairperson outlining everything that has occurred to date and why you are dissatisfied. The Chairperson will raise the matter at the next Board meeting. The Board will respond to the complaint soon after the meeting.


At Hedgehope School we expect the best.  We believe everyone has the right to feel safe, to learn, to be heard and listened to. Positive behaviour is modelled and restorative practices implemented whenever possible. We operate a think sheet process to reflect and set goals. REACH treat and values sessions run on Friday afternoons.

School familiarisation sessions for preschoolers in our area are held every second Friday morning in Piwakawaka class. Children and their parent can join in with the normal class programme with fun, age-appropriate, educational activities also available for children to work on with help. As children get closer to starting school, extra school visits will be arranged. Please ring the school office to register your attendance and for further enquiries. 

The school actively encourages all children and staff to eat nutritional meals. A food warmer is available for daily use.  Students may bring food from home to be heated in the warmer and these need to be wrapped and named. We encourage water only as a drink. 

Our main school/community newsletter is published digitally the first week of each month, it is shared by email, Skool Loop and Facebook. Other notes from class teachers for urgent notification may be sent out during the weeks as paper copies, google forms, emails, Facebook messages and on Skool Loop. Please let your children see that you regard them as important as they are a vital means of communication between school and home.  We encourage community organisations to use the newsletter as a form of district communication too.

The school bus service is operated by Go Bus Ltd.  Our present driver is Sarah. There are regulations as to the eligibility of children using this service. If you need any information regarding eligibility, please contact the principal.


Our Office Administrator is Rochelle Davis,  She is in the Office from 9:30 to 2:30pm on Wednesday and Thursdays.

A stationery list for each classroom is published for parents to purchase start of year stationery requirements. Paper Plus Winton is operating a click and collect system to order your class stationary for 2022. This enables parents to take advantage of sales. We hold a minimum amount of stationery at school and will sell it to the children when they need it throughout the year. This stationery will be charged to family school accounts.

School Accounts are sent out one week prior to end of each term.
As of 2023 Hedgehope School Board of Trustees has entered into the School Donations Scheme. Camp will be charged for but otherwise all normal extension learning activities will be covered by Hedgehope School. 
We ask parents to pay any accounts before the end of term and camp fees prior to camps. 

Children are issued with a fluorescent safety vest to wear to and from school each day and on school excursions. These are gathered in at the end of the year or if children leave Hedgehope School. We would also encourage parents/visitors to support our SunSafe procedure by wearing a sunhat. Children are issued with a Hedgehope School sunhat to wear while they are at school.

The children in Year 7 and 8 attend this training at Winton Primary School. Children must wear a closed type of shoe when attending. The children are able to catch the High School bus to get to Winton. There will be some costs associated with the training for materials — these are completely independent of Hedgehope School  ($30 per term). Students attend Technology for a one-week block each term.


We often ask parents to provide transport to various events and outings. We would like as many as possible to volunteer when asked, in order to share the travel arrangements as much as possible. It is this school’s policy that all children transported in private vehicles must wear a seat belt. Children who are under the age of 7 years must ride in a booster seat. For obvious reasons, all vehicles must have a current warrant of fitness and registration. Parents/caregivers are asked to sign a form annually which confirms that these safety matters are in place.

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