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Hedgehope BOT is required to publish Annual Audit Reports. Please find documents for 2018 Year below.

Management Report    Stamped Audited Financial Statements


Hedgehope School

Board of Trustees’ Election

Declaration of Parent Election Results


At the close of nominations, as the number of valid nominations was equal to the number of vacancies required to be filled, I hereby declare the following duly elected:


Jones, Bevan Van Sante, Catteljine

Harding, Rachael Smith, Sarah

Blackmore, Peter


Rochelle Davis

Returning Officer

We are pleased to publish Hedgehope Schools 2019 ERO Report. The staff and Board of Trustees are completely committed to our wonderful school and community.

ERO Report March 2019


Cleaner and Grounds Person Vacancy 

Hedgehope School has a vacancy as of the 24th May 2019 for a Cleaner and Grounds Person to join our small collaborative and passionate team. Please see application information link below. Applications close 24th May 2019 at 4pm.

May 2019 Letter – cleaner_grounds person job description

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 8.27.12 AMAir New Zealand announced to our community today that we have won Airpoints for Schools Programme. Our whole school will be heading to Auckland and The Waitangi Treaty Grounds between 6th and 10th May 2019. We are so very grateful and bursting with excitement!


We are all excited to be back at school for an adventurous year of learning in 2019!



ERO last visited Hedgehope School in March 2019. We are awaiting our confirmed 2019 Report.

2015 ERO Report

 Hedgehope School 2018 Charter  

Approved Hedgehope School Charter 2018.docx

We are excited to publish our Hedgehope School 2019 Charter – Draft. 

_Hedgehope School Charter 2019

Please click on the link below for Hedgehope Schools Annual Accounts Report 2018

17 Hedgehope Final Stamped Accounts

To Access Hedgehope School’s Policy and Procedures:

1.       Go to

2.       Click Search for your school.

3.       Start typing the school’s name and then select it from the dropdown list.

4.       Enter the community username: hedgehope and password: reach3964

We publish our Newsletter every other Thursday. Should you wish to receive a paper copy please contact Sue or Rochelle. 


Newsletter 31st January 2019 (1)

Newsletter 14th February 2019

Newsletter 28th February 2019

Newsletter 14th March 2019

_Newsletter 28th March 2019

Newsletter 11th April 2019




Term 1 2018

Newsletter 29.1.18

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Newsletter 23.2.18.compressed

Newsletter 9th March 2018

_Newsletter 23rd March 2018

Newsletter 12th April 2018

Term 2 2018

Newsletter 4th May 2018

Newsletter 17th May 2018

Newsletter 31st May 2018

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Term 3 2018

Newsletter 26th July 2018

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Newsletter 23rd August 2018

_Newsletter 9th August 2018

Newsletter 23rd August 2018

Term 4 2018

Newsletter 18th October 2018

Newsletter 1st November 2018

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_Newsletter 29th November 2018



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