Our People

Teaching and Learning Staff

Sue Rogers
Principal  – Year 0 to 3

Whāia te iti kahurangi Ki te tūohu koe, me he maunga teitei
Pursue excellence – should you stumble, let it be to a lofty mountain

I believe that every child has the right to an engaging and positive education so that they are able to confidently participate and contribute within their community. Every child has potential in many forms. It is my duty to spark a love of life-long learning and success for all.

I love the outdoors and our incredible environment and it’s people. Life is for living, so I pack it with challenges, fun, family and friends.

Daniel Withington           Senior Teacher (Kereru)

Cheryl Marychurch          Extension Teacher

Tabitha Hazlett                 Junior Teacher (Piwakawaka)

Rochelle Davis                 Learning Support & Office Administrator

Wendy Horton                  Learning Support

Rachael Harding             Learning Support

Caroline Sharman          Cleaner

Board of Trustees

Hedgehope School’s Board of Trustees is made up of both past and present parents of Hedgehope School, incorporating valuable experience and fresh new ideas.

Meetings are held twice each term in The Library commencing at 7.30pm. You are welcome to attend any BOT meetings but are unable to speak at these meetings unless you request to do so prior to the meeting.

Bevan Jones –  Co Chairperson, EEO, Privacy Officer joined BOT 2017.

Our family are dairy farming in the Hedgehope district.
I enjoy being part of our schools’ BOT.  We have an enthusiastic, supportive team striving to get the best for our children in our awesome little school.

Cattelijne van Sante – Parent Trustee and Property, joined the BOT in 2013.

Family: My husband Evert I have a family of four. We have an eight-year-old daughter, Eefje and a newborn baby daughter, Carlyn. We are from the Netherlands and all of our Family lives overseas. We have been in New Zealand for 10 years and we have a passion for the dairy industry We have our own dairy farm at Springhills.

I like being on the board because I learn a lot about the education we can give to our children. I like to be involved because of the people I meet. I still need to learn heaps of the language but this experience will get me more confident with speaking up. I want the best education for our children. The board encourage the same learning experience for each individual student to achieve the best they can.

Rochelle Davis – Minute Secretary, School Office Administrator. 

The Board do their absolute best for the students and our dedicated teachers and Principal are amazing. Being a small, rural school means that the children get opportunities that larger schools are unable to offer and the support of the local community is immense. Every student is encouraged to ‘REACH for greatness’ in a supportive learning environment that enables them to discover their own set of skills and expand on their knowledge.

Peter Blackmore – Property Portfolio

Rachael HardingCo Board Chair & Community Liaison and Parent Rep

Kate Johnston –  Health & Safety & Parent Rep

Wendy Horton  – Staff Representative
Sue Rogers
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